Friday, June 10, 2011

3D Birkin Gator Albino Handbag

Message from my customer:  .......semua org puji the cake so cantik and sedap... my friend liked it so much sbb its Birkin Gator Albino which is about RM650k for 1 bag... Yani order Birkin biasa je but its really beyond my expectation ... semua org excited bergambar dgn cake ;p dia nk potong the cake pun sgt sayang! thanks so much AniesBakeHouse... I would definitely order from u again ♥

Ordered by Izyanny Yaacob.  TQ dear.

Chocolate Brownies

2 Tiers Wedding Silver Cake with Royal Icing

3D Chugginton Train

Fruit Tartlets

Thanks Nor for ordering from Anies Bake House.

3D Blue Bra

3D Blue Mosque

I Love My Mum